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Ronald Kools

I updated it to the last firmware about 2 months ago so that shouldn’t be the problem. However, I am not using the uTool, we just put the tracks on a – on the LP16 formatted – SD card.

As an example, for one “problem song” are using 6 wav tracks + 1 midi track:

7 – backing left 4:45
8 – backing right 4:45
9 – click drums 4:47
10 – click vocals 4:47
11 – click guitar 1 4:47
12 – click guitar 2 4:47
0 – song.mid

In the song.mid we do a midi note at the start (to start the animation) and 2 at the end (1 note programmed to pauze the animation and 1 note to go to the next one). The midi file was 4:47 long.

However, when I look at the LP16 with the card inserted, it says the length is 4:45. So I assume it will look for the shortest tracklength or the first tracklenght?

I fixed it now by putting the last 2 notes at 4:44.9 and the works fine, but I am curious what the LP16 is using to determine the length so I can take this in account next time. 😉