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Hi, I have the same problem too:
1) I create the midi track with Ableton Live 10, I correctly insert bank, preset and change scenes from ableton it’s all working perfectly
2) I export the midi track on u-tool later on the usb stick that I insert on the LP16
3) launch the sequence from LP16 connecting midi out to the In midi of my fractal ax8 and …. desk, presets are correct but the scenes change incorrectly …

I have the distinct impression that the Cymatic LP16 does not have the midi clock function so the scenes change in a way that is not synchronized with my backing track project!

I’m desperate … I organized everything to be able to automate my live set-up with the LP16 but unfortunately it’s not possible.

I hope someone has a suggestion or a solution or a valid shortcut to solve the problem !! Thanks in advance 😉