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Hi rmb,

We will intruduce the sync feature with coming firmware release. There’s no ETA at the moment.
Until this firmware release, you can record 48 channel, by syncing the clocks on the two uTrack. The only disadvantage you’ll need to manually allign the 2x24channels recording start point in your DAW.
But once you allign the start point the other part of the recording will be in perfectly sync, if you use the same clock source on both uTrack24. If you have no external clock you can use the WordClock output form one [1]uTrack24 to the anoter [2]uTrack24 WordClock input in this case you’ll need to set WordClock as clock source on this [2]uTrack24 and internal on [1]uTrack24. With this setup both two uTrack will use the same clock, the [1]uTrack24 will be the clock master.