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Would the uTrack-X32 play continuous multi-track songs with a MIDI track less than the 5 second delay?[quote=”giusfredi” post=916][quote=”lilpyro” post=753]That’s what I meant…sorry…yes, a future firmware of the u24 to have the MIDI playback engine that could pre-load the next MIDI file for continue playing without the 5 second delay between each song. But, thanks for your info and help on this. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something on the u24 delay function. I will cope with the delay for now. B)[/quote]

I agree!!! I have the same problem: I have more than 120 songs and each one has his own midi for program changes and lights control!
I use the uTrack for playback only and I absolutely need midi file preload feature!
I hope this would be the next firmware update must![/quote]