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Thanks for the replies! And it does help a lot. So far all my tracks are the same sample rate, bit depth (4100Hz and 16 bit just a simple CD quality). But my channels do change now and then depending on the song. So, would it help if I made dummy blank .wav tracks to make it all the same amount?
In the play list I have them all selected as No Delay. I haven’t used URemote as a player yet I just went on my iPad to check out the software and have noticed the “clock” icon showing a 3 second count between each song. Is there a way to make the icon clock say 0 seconds? Do you think that using the URemote app would slow down the delay option? I thought it only monitored or controlled the U24 via Wi-Fi.
So, by just making all the tracks the same number amount that will solve the delay problem I been having? That seems like the only thing that I have since all the other settings are set as (digichetan) mentioned in the last reply. Thanks again for your help on this ?:)