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Jeroen Schlaman

Looks like an issue I’ve been running in recently.
First I only had one MIDI file for lighting control. Because I want to switch two guitar processors as well I created two separate MIDI tracks for that on different channels.
Logic will now save the MIDI file as format 1, resulting in uTool (and other tools as well) showing this MIDI file not the actual track length but around one hour.

I’ve investigated and found out that Logic Pro adds a very long time length to the ‘tempo track’ (the first track in a format 1 MIDI file). Why? No clue so far but at this moment a show-stopper. In some MIDIs it even put 96 (!) tempo tracks in place.
Format 0 works fine and results in the correct track length, format 1 completely screws this.

Did you run an older version of Logic on your old computer by any chance?

The search continues….