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Brandon Peoples

Guys you need to to fix this. If you write “loop function” in your manual every single pro user will think that you can loop a track or a piece of it between 2 loop points previously set. You set the markers in advance, you PLAY the song: you hit the loop key you enter the loop, you hit the loop key you exit the loop. That’s how loop works on any piece of software featuring a loop function.
I mean, either you remove “loop function” from utrack features or you fix it with a firmware update. I tell you this because I bought the unit mainly for 2 reasons: balanced outs (spdsx has only unbalanced noisy outs) and better handling of loops in the projects that have them (spdsx doesn’t even have a timeline!). One of the two expected features was an unpleasant surprise.
I was completely misled by your manual on the loop function expected behaviour.
Also, when you loop between 2 markers now, a few music samples near the 2nd loop marker are lost. It’s as if utrack24 muted the outs for a few milliseconds before starting the loop again.
Last but not least we need to use the loop function inside playlist.
You should add “loop” mode to the already existing song playing modes
Please, please, please, fix the whole loop thing.

Please don’t overlook this. We aren’t looking for more options to create live loops on the fly. We need the ability to simply loop a track until we tell it to progress.

This is especially important for transitions between songs that only have an 8-16 bar loop. We need the flexibility to let that loop as long as we need it to. We are not looking to set up loop points in the middle of a live show. Stuff happens live and singers need breathers throughout the set. Autoplay Loop needs to a mode you can set for a song and to not progress to the next track until the footswitch is pressed.

We aren’t just looking to loop things during practice. We NEED those transition loops so that we have full control and seamless transitions in a live set.