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John Wildcat

I have formatted my usb stick in the cymatic device.
I have done multitrack songs in Utools and then a playlist in the same program.

All audio files are Wav and 44,100 khz 16 bit.
I use a regular USB stick 2.0. with blue inside?
Then in Utools I make an “export playlist” to the usb stick.

The problem is the same anyway.

When I press my Maudio sustain pedal that I use as a play / pause, it still takes about a second before the song starts.

What can I do to avoid the problem?

I’ve cut the songs so they go for bars and beats in cubase and they start right on the 1st note on the first bar without any silence before the song starts in my projekt file.
I see on the display on the LP-16 that it “loads” and that it does not start playing immediately when you press play.

However, if I started the song and paused in the middle, it stops immediately. Likewise, if I press play after I pause, it starts immediately.

Should the song start playing immediately without any delay?
or will it be like this?
Is there anyone else who has had the same problem?