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Joe Dempsey

My USB interface isn’t working either.

I just purchased the uTrack 24 a couple of days ago. The uTrack recognised my external hard drive first time I used it and was able to upload a multitrack sonf for playback.

As soon as I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it will no longer recognise that external hard drive or others. When I plug in the hard drive, it says ‘mounting drive’ and loads to about 50% on the screen before it goes blank. Then, the screen, buttons and volume gauge all begin to flash (screens and buttons white flashing, volume gauge red flashing light).

However, when I plug in my Mac, it is able to recognise it and works ok.

In addition, I downloaded the latest version of uTool and it continually crashes every time I deleted the multi track file from the drive and re-added (to ensure it wasn’t a case of the file being corrupted.

This is really frustrating and I need this for a show next week. Can someone help????