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Darrin Bates

I don’t normally reply on forums as I never have a very good answer.
But I may be able to help with this one. If you create a midi file in Logic X and then load it into the uTrack 24, the midi file is always incorrect in length compared to the audio files you have created in logic.
This is a bug in Logic X, but there is a simple fix.
This is what I do with my set up.
I create my backing tracks in Logic X.
I also create a midi file just as you do which sends program changes to my Behringer X32, Roland FA08 and other hardware.
I then load the midi file into my Roland FA08 and save it, then I upload the midi file onto the computer.
When in uTool, I load my samples into the editor and the I load the midi file saved from my Roland FA08.
When I play the track back from the uTrack 24 the midi file is now the correct length.
From what I have found out and through trial and error, as long as you load the midi file created in logic to another device/app which can save midi files. Once the midi file has been re-saved it will work as it should do.
I hope this helps