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I will try (sorry for my bad english).

My main use is for multichannel electroacoustic installations, and less often for performances.

The LP-16 simply replaces a computer with soundcards, making it simpler to run and more reliable when used with non specialized people or for a long time (which is often the case with installations).

Since I work rarely with smaller setups than 16 channels, I have yet to use computers, with 3 or 4 8 channels USB cards, or an old firewire M-Audio Lightbridge with 4 ADAT converters, which is far from being ideal !

The 18 analog outputs of the LP-16 is much appreciated, and using 2 units “manually sync” can be an improvement. I have to test it.
But it is hardly possible with playlists or long works.

I know that I could use 2 uTracks 24, but they lack simple analog outputs, and the price is not the same (one would not be enough, and two would be too much) !
Since I don’t need the inputs, the LP-16 is ideal for me. I have even run it with a small 12v battery in the fields without problem.
So being able to use the 2 units together, either in standalone mode or with a small laptop will be very nice for me…

Best regards.