Luis Clara Gomes


This manual operation /rotary mode is not helpful in a live situation. Let me give you a concrete example

A 16 bar loop of backing tracks was copied to a 5min long multitrack backing track. Eg. when the band is jamming on top of a chord progression / percussion loop

1) When the band wants to move on from this 5min loop to the next song, we want our drummer to be able to trigger it with a single footswitch press, e.g. the footswitch action would be “next marker” or “next song”
2) When a 5 min jam isn’t enough the drummer would like to replay this song, e.g. jump back to the marker at the beginning of it.

since you only have a single footswitch jack, ideally you would support these actions via MIDI
1) previous marker (or song, whatever’s previous)
2) next marker (or song, whatever’s next)
3) play / pause
4) next track on the playlist DOWN (after current finishes or the action from 1) happens)
5) next track on the playlist UP (after current finishes or the action from 2) happens)

this way a drum pad or a midi pedal board would be able to operate the utrack, making it truly able to replace Ableton / or software solutions