Analog recording with audiolan card installed?

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Hartt Recording

Thank you for the information. I understand now that the audiolan card is only for audio i/o. For us the only wired ethernet network available is already configured as a Ravenna network for Horus and Hapi operation. As I mentioned, when I connect the built in uTrack lan connection to that network, uRemote cannot see the uTrack, and we get PTP lock errors on our Ravenna devices. As soon as I unplug the uTrack the errors go away. I am assuming this has something to do with the unique network switch configuration needed for the Horus/Hapi. I guess my next question is, is this expected behavior? This might be something worth addressing if you can test it and get uRemote to work over a Horus/Hapi configured Ravenna network. The Dell 2808/16 switch configuration files can be downloaded from merging. In the meantime I am going to try to use our wireless network for remote control by using an ethernet to wireless bridge.

Thank you.