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David Zuchowski

Hi Laszlo,
Frimware is 3124
I was scrolling through the encoder wheel in an attempt to solo a particular channel when if froze.
The contents of the folder are:
Take 0216(0001).wav 2.14GB
Take 0216 (0002).wav 2.14GB
Take 0216 (0003) wav 1.61 GB
Take 0216 (0004) wav 44bytes

The hard drive is a Western Digital My Book. I only used about 500GB of the 3TB capacity.

Do you think it’s maybe the higher take number? The last time my uTrack crashed, the take number was in the 300’s.

Am I the only one having “crashing” problem? Scrolling through the forum, I didn’t see anyone else with these issues?


Dave Z