gerald massois

Hi Lazslo, thank you for your feedback.

Point 1 : This point is a little annoying. It is a pity. Even MP3 players (IPOD, …) don’ t have this lag. I have another solution to make longer songs and include several songs in the same Multi track song, but it is less practical.

Point 2 : Thank you to take into consideration this point. I strongly believe that putting the arrow for the current song played would give much less confusion.

Point 3 : I found that exporting the wav files to the USB stick without the MID file, then reexporting later the midifile solves this problem as UTOOL will not adapt the length of the wav files to the MIDI track, which is great for me. I will try to recut my midifiles with another DAW. Acid pro has troubles with midi tracks…

Point 4 : Thank you for the tip. It could be nice to recommend us footswitches that are comptabile with your own products. 😉

Thank you