Hi djemass,

1. The LP-16 does not support gapless playback that is the reason why you have slightly gap between the songs. If you need gapless playback it may worth to conciser to use uTrack24.
The function called MIDI offset you can set that 0ms but that is not related to audio playback.

2. Yes it is little bit confusing. That is the indication for the next song as they can change from the browser as well. The display has some limitation because of the resolution for this reason not easy to display everything in intuitive way. But anyhow I’ll add your comment as user feature request.

3. In the LP-16 the wav files need to be a same length like the midi files for this reason the uTool extend the wav files automatically. But that is does not changes your playback scenario because the LP-16 will play the midi file until the end anyhow so your song not longer because of this extended wav files. What is your problem exactly with this extended wav files?
–> you can cut your MIDI files like cubase etc.

4. The reason why you need to push the footswich twice because you have a latching version. This is how that footswich works. You need to get a Non Latching (momentary) footswitch in this case you’ll don’t need to push twice