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[quote=”Laszlo” post=1892]Hi Kristo,

The USB 3 drives are supported.
You need to make sure the firmware are up to date on your LP-16. The current version 83934. You can check the firmware version during the boot process.
Can you please specify the USB drive brand/type?
Did you tried to format that drive on your PC/MAC to FAT32 then format the drive with your LP-16?[/quote]

Hello, thanks for your response! First thing I did was to update the firmware – still the same issue – When I connect the USB key the device will enter “MT USB device test” that runs what seems for ages. Did not time it but minute or more. Then there will be the “Disk Error! This memory device is not supported, please remove it” and after a while it will change to “wrong file system please reformat Format USB device?” And when I try to Format I get the “Disk Error!… ” once again. I bought the Kingston DTSE9 G2 32GB drive and Kingston DT micro 3.1 64GB drives that are made of metal and look very durable. They work fine with the computer. Formatting on a computer does not make any difference.