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Hi Gus,

My short answer is yes, the uTrack24 capable to doing that.
The uTrack24 plays back multichannel wav files.
The content can be created with uTool. With uTool you can create a content (1-24 channels) for the device. The source files can be mono, stereo or even multichannel wav file.
With the uTool you can set up the following for each track: Pan, Level, Solo or mute, and you need to assign the files to each outputs. Once you save this song the uTrack24 will plays out the song as described in the song settings.
In the uTrack24 settings you can enable the autoplay function which means if you create an autoplay playlist in uTool the device load and start this playlist once the device turned on.
The tracks are in perfectly sync as the source file (which created by uTool) it is a single file (multichannel wav file)
Dropout’s does not happens during the playback. Most of the times the users experienced dropouts where they record 24 channels to USB thumb drive. But as you planning to use as a player you don’t need to worry about it.