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Joseph Karniewicz

Reaper is the only DAW that I use so I can’t compare with other DAW’s. I do use Amazing Slow Downer and of course a myriad of other windows apps and have no problem with them. I have used other audio interfaces with the LR-16 such as my Fractal Audio Guitar processor which can function as a 2×4 ASIO interface and a simple WAVE OUT or DIRECT SOUND internal audio device with a simple microphone. Have not experienced any Reaper “audio device closed” issues with these.

When Reaper says that the audio device is closed, the LR-16 still indicates that it has an active PC USB connection. When Reaper says that the audio device is closed, the LR-16 inputs and outputs no longer appear on the setup screen within Reaper.

I will re-check to see if I can switch to another ASIO application after REAPER tells me that the device is closed but I think I was not able to.

And the reason for recording with the PC is one of convenience. I am able to get much better control over the recording levels, can pause and resume the recording session with a single key-stroke, can set markers on the recording session for quick playback ( I use during the LR-16 for band practice to record and playback our practice sessions which may last 3 hours and include many songs), can have multiple takes of instrument parts, and can punch-in/out to overdub parts for more serious recordings.

This problem may be unique to my pc but I was thinking you might have some insight as to where I might look to resolve the issue. I have not ( to date ) had disconnects when the device was active but it seems to drop out after its idled for a period of time. I’ve just started using it with this new pc so the data is still coming in. Not an easy problem to nail down.

Thanks …