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Joseph Karniewicz

Hi Lazlo,

I hope I am not premature on this, but I think the problem is solved. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what the detailed fix was!

I came across the following 2 articles:



and implemented most of the suggestions that they had for optimizing Windows 10 for audio. I did not implement them in a controlled fashion so I don’t know if there was a single fix or a combination of fixes that appear to have worked. (Maybe someday I’ll explore that further).

After the optimizations, the system has remained stable and connected for up to six hours before I shut it down. It had never been able to get anywhere close to that time before. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and calling it good.

I’ve included links to the articles which may prove useful to other LR-16 users.

Don’t know if there is anything in the articles that could be “built into” the drivers that would increase stability but you might want to take a look just as a matter of interest.