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Hi Laszlo.
Thanks for replying..

Indeed its the utrack24.

I copy all of the 24 tracks to ableton in this case, and also got 24 mono tracks. That’s fine and the utool does import it correctly. I can choose which folder etc etc, and it works flawlessly.

From this folder I drag al of the 24 wav files to ableton, and deleted the files that doesn’t have any audio in it… (back to 5 files, kick,snare,bass, L&R hihats)
I proces them a bit and making to new wav files.

And then using the utool to export them back to the utrack24 ,,

The track comes out nicely except for missing one channel hihats (in this case the right side)

Got an new development in my search…

When in create an multi track, the mono files get dragd in from the left to the right side of the utool,, it automatically makes the mono track into a stereo track (or it gives it 2 channels) it makes my 5 tracks into 10 (it doubles them) when leaving it like this, and then exporting them to the utrack24, I got the right hihats in there.., so for example: 1&2 bass , 3&4 kick, 5&6 snare, 7&8 hi L, 9&10 hi R,,, but then its missing channels 8&10.

Thanks in advance