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Did some testing again…
And working with the utrack is all fine in combination with utool., it lets me rearrange all of the tracks on wish and also deleting or copying tracks .. All good B-)

Now I also did the same thing again with ableton and I think I understand what is going on.
After exporting audio in ableton to new files (wav’s got 5 of them) ableton tends to make them stereo (I think)
So in order to make a new multitrack in utool I have to drag them in, and all of them become automatically stereo visible.
So I tested it with 10 tracks (everything is double loaded) kick on 1&2 etc etc… Hi L on 7&8 , hi R on 9&10,,
This works , but it drops Channel 8&9 (perhaps logical because it has no audio information??)
So another test (back to the first setup of just 5 mono tracks) it stil drops the right hihats, giving me only the left side on track 4.
(I deed double check myself if I placed the correct audio files with audio in it)

So my conclusion of this all is, that when not bouncing it into a daw (my case ableton) it all works fine . I couldn’t find anything strange.

But when loading audio files into utool (which are recorded with the utrack so they are mono from the start) that were made/processed bij ableton, then exporting them as multichanel track (should also be mono I thought) it drops 1 channel.
It only occurs at the right channel… Never the kick or the left one.. Even when rearranging the order of channels.

Thanks in advance