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Hi Danny ,

We are talking about uTrack24?
Where you create a recording the device will records to multichannel wav file, by using the uTool import function you’ll have mono wav files.
Please check those files are correct or not.

If yes please go forward to create a new song from the files what you imported previously

[quote=”dannykruijshaar@gmail.com” post=3115]
In the home folder I create a new multitrack song, naming it,, and making sure all of the files are in there.. (why does it always make my mono tracks drag in to stereo tracks?? So deleting it from 10 files back to 5 files, and save)
If the wav files are mono it should take only one channel.

Please check the created song has all of the channels what you except (you can do that by open the mixer option in uTool)
If yes, please export the song to your USB drive and play back on uTrack24. Does the song play out properly?