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Thanks for reply!

I know about that. But that is not the point.

I cannot do any changings on audiolan because of extrem slow connection.
Ping on (dante net) is extremly slow an looses a lot of pings. Other numbers (e.g., …102 etc) have pings <= 1ms without any ping errors.
On the other physical net the uTrack is rechable normaly fast. If I reboot the uTrack (not the audiolan-card) the ping on the audiolancard becomes fast 20ms and 50% of pings are lost.

If I disconnect the dante-network-card on my pc and ping via second (local) card and the router over the local net the pings are less than 1ms except the audiolan-card.
This issue starts a couple of days ago. The whole net wasnt changed since approx. 6 month.