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Allow me to explain the problem from start.
I use an old Korg S-1 footswitch.
Foot switch settings I use are : type: normal open , and function : play.
I can’t remember what the setting were before the upgrade ,but I didn’t change anything .

Well, like as you said,when i load the playlist ,it automatically goes to pause mode ,and when I press the foot switch it starts ,everything fine till here .
I have made my playlist alphabetical so I know where each song is ,because I don’t play everyday the same order of songs.
So in the begining of every set I scroll through the songs till I find the one I want to use first .Then I press play for a while ,and pause again ,so I can choose the second song to be ready .Finaly I press rewind so the first song goes to its start again .
So,I used to have them in pause mode before the update ,and it worked fine ,now I have to press stop in order the first song I chose to start ,otherwise it doesn’t start no matter how many times I press foot switch .

I am telling once again ,that it works fine while loading a playlist and goes itself in pause ?mode ,but as I said I don’t always start the playlist from the first entry. Could you confirm that by trying the steps I do ?