Home Page Forums Cymatic Audio Forum uTrack-X32 can I use utrack-x32 without wifi and my iPad? can I use utrack-x32 without wifi and my iPad?

Gabriel A Pass

Yes you can!
If you are just recording, you don’t ever NEED to connect a uTrack x32 to a network at all.
All you need to do is just push the one red hardware button on the back of the uTrack and it will record until you press it again (long press).
See your manual.

However, It is handy and preferable to be able to monitor what your uTrack is doing wherever you go:

To use the uTrack x32, or any remote control device (like the iOS appios app or Android app for the X32 itself) in the field with out wifi, you need to setup your own wifi network with DHCP. (If you’re not using those already, your’re really missing out. 😉 )
See my easy and inexpensive instructions for how to set up a mobile network at this thread: