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[quote=”simonelli” post=3540]New User… All software is up to date

Formatted the portable drive via the Utrack32 card. Using WD Easystore 2 gig drive.

Can successfully record and playback Takes via URemote

UTool software does not recognize the drive and even when attaching the drive directly to a windows 10 laptop, computer does not recognize the drive. Have tried to access the drive via wireless and directly. Feel like I missed a step in setting up the drive…

Automount is enabled on the laptop, have no issues with other portable drives. Drive mounted fine prior to reformatting via the card.

Tried reformatting the drive twice, both sucessfully (by the lights on the card).

Any suggestions?[/quote]


Please make sure the widows assigned drive letter successfully to the drive.
You can make that in the “Disk management” tool on your windows. –> Right click on your USB drive and select “change drive letter and path”