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Hello David.

It looks like that take004(0002).Wav have the error, can you play back complete take004 on your card?

You now that Cymatic make’s a Take in separate blocks form around 2GB. And depending how long the take in total is, you have more blocks of 2 GB or less (Cymatic put this parts again together to one part) . On that way you can copy from out the folder the separate takes, but respect the parts and directory structure.

You can also playback the wav file direct on your computer in Reaper (for Free) or another program like protocol.
In Reaper import the multitrack, and make the 32 separate audio tracks is it possible to playback ?

Is your card up to date, last firmware 3865 (Feb 2017) and before you start record did you format your drive whit the card this is very important !!!

Some tips

Greetings Peter.

Sorry for my bad English but I’m from Holland