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David Zuchowski

The take was Take 4, 8 tracks, 48K, 24bit.
The duration was about 45 minutes. Aprox 3.5 GB
I typically use Mac (10.8), USB 2.
I also tried extracting the audio on a PC.
External drive is connected directly to the Mac.
I was able to copy the first folder from the take using finder, but got an error message when trying to copy the second.

I was able to play the take, up to about 35 minutes through the uTrack, and then it would stop. I was able to advance it, passed that point, around 37 minutes, and it will play.

Yes, drive was formatted using the uTrack.
I did miss the last firmware update (I’m currently at 3474). Do you think if I updated that I would be able to retrieve the take?

I’m currently scanning the drive using Ease US. It’s supposed to restore corrupt files, but it is VERY slow. It may be scanning for another 10-15 hours.