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Hi digichetan,

Well, thanks for your quick answer (at least we now know what’s going on), and yes please put something like that in a next firmware update, because for all user i guess that it can be useful to have the same settings at each power up of the utrack24.

i’d say it’s merely a modifying of the default monitor settings we need, than an automatic load of settings, even if both are gaving us the same result in purpose.

As i noticed that when i’m making a setting, loading it and then going from interface/monitor mode to record mode, then the default settings are again (and without power down/up the utrack24) at the default values.

That’s why we should be able to do a “user” permanent modifying of the default values of the monitor settings…… if possible….

it’s the first time i saw something like this in that kind of product….. big drawback…. people should know before buying it…..