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Hi Jack,

I totally agree with the fact that the uTrack should just load a user-defined monitor setting at start up.

However, I had some questions about this point you made

[quote=”jackpot67″ post=67]
As i noticed that when i’m making a setting, loading it and then going from interface/monitor mode to record mode, then the default settings are again (and without power down/up the utrack24) at the default values.

With Interface mode, do you mean the uTrack was connected to the PC with USB?

If yes, then, when the uTrack goes from the Interface mode to Standalone mode the device is rebooted.

If not, and you only meant from Monitor mode to Recording mode, I cannot reproduce the problem.
Loading the settings always loads what was Saved before. So once the settings are done, “Save Settings” need to be clicked to save them in the uTrack. After a restart, the saved settings can be loaded back with “Load Settings“.

If you still can reproduce the problem, could you let me know the steps again? Maybe I am missing something here.

If this is not the case and I misunderstood something, could you send me the steps to get to the problem?

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