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OK, i tried the new firmware (2469) and about the released notes i saw the following line “Fixed an issue with loading mixer settings at startup”

I’m not sure it’s about the same issue here…

What i noticed now :
– powering on the utrack24 without an usb drive (as an simple PC interface or simple monitor multitrack for all the hardware synth connected on it) the input levels are still at 40%, centred panoramics.
to be used, i have to load a previously saved settings with the volume at 90% and Pan left and right set

– I noticed also that when i put a usb drive to record, (at power on or after power on if i didn’t load the settings) the volume settings an pan settings are good ! (in fact, when a usb drive is connected i can only check the output settings, by pushing the left button, but i hear that the input volume and pan are correct, and i see that the output parameters are the same as the input ( in the saved settings), same PAN, same volume for each channel.
in that case i guess the firmware has himself automatically loaded the previously saved settings…

May be there was a correction in this firmware for this case, now that i saw this i’ll put an usb drive when i only want to play, that’s fine, but it would be nice to have the same automatic loaded settings when the utrack is used as an interface, or simple multitrack monitor without an usb drive attached.
so this issue would be definitively closed.