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I just tried the new (2746) firmware to see if the automatic settings load were implemented, and…. it is still not !!

Am i the only one this feature is missing ?

Try the following :
no PC/MAC connected, no Hard drive device connected (as a standalone 24 audio tracks summing to the monitors)
boot the utrack 24.
press the encoder wheel, it show you the first audio port with channel 1 and the volume is 40 % and centered PAN
with the encoder wheel press again and turn it to put the volume to 99, press again to set the PAN to left (channel 2 should be set to right then) (this is an example, of course you will have to set the 24 channels if you use 24 audio devices plugged)
press the menu button, scroll down to save your settings and do it
then, poweroff the utrack.
power it on, and press the encoder wheel to see the channel 1 volume, it is again at 40 !!
the only way you could have your settings back is to go to the menu and load you settings !

and that’s what is upsetting me ! :angry: Each time i power on the utrack24 for a standalone mode (to have my synths played live for instance) i have to go firstly to the menu and load the settings parametred and saved before (ok i have to do this once, fortunately)

the same occur when in interface mode (with a computer)
only when you put a harddrive in the utrack, then when you boot it, the settings saved before are automatically loaded.

And you can have the twice effect ! if i booted in standalone mode, load my settings, play a little bit live, then i’d like to use my computer to record my live session, i boot my computer, the utrack detect it, and the utrack reboot in interface mode, then channel 1 = 40% volume again ! and i should reload my utrack settings !

Please Cymatic, could you implement in the next firmware the automatic load settings for interface mode and standalone mode ?