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Hi Stempel,

Playback songs have a monitor settings information stored within them. Every time a song is loaded for playback, the stored monitor settings for the song are also applied. The monitor settings can be changed on the fly during playback, but the settings will not be stored and are valid only until the song is finished playing. The playback monitor settings can be adjusted and saved with a PC using the Playlist Editor tool.

At boot up the device starts with default monitor settings. One can change the monitor settings and choose Save Settings in the Menu. After a restart you would have to choose “Load Settings” from the menu. The recording data also stores the monitor settings. So when you playback a recording, the same monitor settings are set that were used to record it.

When Pre-Recording is ON, the monitor settings are that of the Recorder.
When Pre-Recording is OFF, the device automatically pre-loads the current song and the monitor settings are of the Song.

I hope this clears up some confusion.

Cymatic Audio Support