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Indeed there is no metering function in uRemote for uTrack-X32. The logic behind being that uTrack-X32 will ALWAYS records ALL channels that come into the console and whereas the transfer from the console to the uTrack-X32 is 1:1 digital data copying, your console is your prime source of metering. Actually providing metering ,metering that is much more accurate and time-aligned then uRemote could.

But we do get your point of confirmation of recording.
So knowing that the uTrack-X32 will record all channels from your console, would it be an idea to have a clear ‘RECORDING’ indication (like a flashing red dots or recording button) in uRemote? Would that already solve the issue?
If so, we could check its feasibility and add it as a future feature request for the next uRemote update.

Let us know what you think!

Urs, Cymatic Audio