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[quote=”PicturePalacemusic” post=3709]Thank you very much,

Yes, it works with 44,1khz

Strange thing, that is works with 48kHz at my other X32 Rack, same firmware version[/quote]


[quote=”JoeWoody” post=3708]Update: A friend of mine bought a Behringer x32-Rack-Mixer + the Cymaticaudio – uTrack x32 Card and immediately got the same Problem – “Crackling Noise” after a couple of min. So we took the Card and plugged it into my x32 Producer – Mixer, recorded for 3 hours and found everything OK. My friend played around a bit and switched from 48kHz to 44.1kHz and the crackling Noise was gone.
Fazit: Currently the Issue only shows up on a Behringer x32-RACK Mixer with uTrack x32 Card running on 48kHz.[/quote]

Guys please provide me the following details:
1. Firmware version on the uTrackx-32 and the firmware version on the Behringer console
2. Do you have that problem on 48kHz only and never happens on 44.1?
3. Do you able to use with the same setup the standard X-UF or X-USB card on both two sample rate with no problems?