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Robert Collinson

Hi Lazlo. Thanks for your response. As far as I know I’m completely up to date:

uTrack24: Firmware v. 4030

AudioLan Card: uTrack24 AudioLAN Firmware 3864 (April, 2017) Downloaded from the Cymatic site and updated using the update function

Behringer x32 rack: Firmware v. 3.07 (current)

X-Dante card: Brooklyn II; Product version 2.0.0; software Version; Firmware version
(Behringer advise this update adds the AES67 functionality to the card). I used Audinate update manager to achieve this.

Dante Controller: v

Windows 10 PC with current windows updates and driver 6.19.1. AMD Octacore with 16Gb RAM

I have checked that the cables are good with a cable tester and the AudioLan card is recognised by the uTrack showing “Inputs AudioLan 1-8” etc. Clock is set to “Digital i/o”. The correct lights flicker both on the gigabit switch and the x-dante card in the mixer. Dante Controller “sees” the mixer/card, but nothing from the uTrack device/card. The AudioLan set up page does not populate by SAP (which is selected) so there are no steams to select for each channel on the “consumer” page. However I do get a “transmitting” status on the “Stream Provider” page.

I’ll try resetting everything, double check the firmwares and physical connections and see if that improves the situation. If it doesn’t improve, is this something I should report to Cymatic?