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Robert Collinson


Just an update as I was the original poster. I did have exactly the same difficulties with my AudioLan card. It simply refused to behave in the way described in the manual. On the AudioLan side I, too, didn’t get the opportunity to select streams as the manual says, and at one point they didn’t appear in blue in Dante Controller. Absolutely everything had the very latest firmware and I followed the instructions very carefully. I even tried re-seating the card in the uTrack24. Nothing. My Dante card is fitted to a Behringer x32 rack mixer, so I contacted Audinate and Behringer. The advice was helpful, but didn’t solve the problem. From everyone I spoke to the consensus was “follow the instructions and it should just work”. It didn’t. Although the uTrack24 clearly recognised the card, other equipment wouldn’t/couldn’t talk to it. My feeling was that my card could be defective and that even if I had got it to work I’d still have that feeling that it might stop communicating at the next gig – something that no one wants. None of us can afford that to happen. Had it worked it would have been a great solution with my existing “Dante” gear.

I “solved” the problem by returning the card for a refund. I already had the ADAT card so I’ve fitted that to the uTrack24, and I know that functions properly – rock solid. I’ve sold the Dante card in the Behringer and I’ll go with another system as the uTrack24 is back up.