Difficulty setting up Dante to AudioLan

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I’ve tested the device for 2 more days and I still do not getting anything to the device, but at the moment I need it for a playback, so no big deal – I hope to resolve it later, of course as I might want to do some recording as well. At the moment I have couple of JoeCo machines for that.
So yesterday and today I did not lose the patch between AudioLan and A&H M-Dante card and right after the boot audio was running OK. If I look at the subscriptions I see the correct multicast IP assigned and everything is fine, however, I cannot see the AudioLan streams in the patch window, so no changes can be done.
Yesterday I switched to automatic mode and then back to manual and it appeared in the Dante controller, today I try same actions, but no result.
And my previous statement of enabling/disabling SAP checkbox is false, it never changed anything for this situation.