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This is really strange because the driver signature checked right after where you start the exe then if not signed successfully the installer wont start at all.
Can you please do a following steps to see where the problem occur?:
1.Disconnect the uTrack-X32 from your PC (preferably disconnect all USB device from your PC except mouse and keyboard)
2. Uninstall the driver (settings/system/apps & features) [cymatic audio uTrack-X32 USB driver]
3. Reboot your PC, make sure the uTrack-X32 not connected to your PC
4. Start CymaticAudio_X32_V6_19_0.exe –> You should see a “user account control” popup message on your screen: “Do you want to allow this app to make changes on your device” –> select YES
5. Now you should see the driver installer welcome screen –> select next
6. The next screen is the install location –> select install
7. The install should start
8. You’ll see a popup message: “please disconnect and reconnect the device you wish to install and turn it on”
9. Make sure your uTrack-X32 powered on, then connect the USB cable to your PC and click on the OK in the popup window.
10. Now you should have a driver properly installed.

If you have some problem, please let me know where the problem happens.