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Gabriel A Pass

Thanks for you quick response. It’s not fully solved, but your advice helped me track down the problem.
The drivers installed fine and are working on a different Windows 10 computer. So fortunately I am able to use the interface now.

The computer where the drivers won’t install is a new HP ZBook Mobile Workstation. After probing around a bit, I believe something about the uTrack driver triggers a flag in Windows TrustedInstaller which may halt installation on a computer with a “Secure Boot policy” on UEFI Firmware. When I followed your instructions I received the exact same result every time on the ZBook. So I think this additional layer of security, is what prevents the driver from installing.

I am aware that driver signature verification can be disabled by turning on “Test Signing Mode” in cmd. But I would like this to work without going to those lengths, and at least I have it working on one computer now.
In case it’s helpful, I included some screenshots to show you what’s going on.