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Mike Todd

I make no apology for raising this issue again as it is critical/serious.

Having had a very long discussion with Microsoft Support, it seems that the Anniversary Edition update (v1607) now enforces very strict driver rules, and drivers that do not conform cannot be installed. They did some checks and determined that the Cymatic audio driver does not conform and will never be able to be installed on win10 now or in the future.

They say that developers were advised of this intent over two years ago, reminded again in 2015 and earlier this year that they must go through a new, much stricter, driver signing process. They say that I must go back to the originator and get them to fix the signing as no win10 update will fix this.

Now I’ve no idea whether they speak the truth, but it does seem plausible.

I’ve had to revert to a clean install of v1511 (which MS will not allow to activate) to allow me to continue working. But could someone from Cymatic perhaps comment as to whether their driver will go through the new signing process, and when.