Hello Laszlo and Cederick.

Cededrick can you please explain your situation, where you record standalone like only one mixer was active maybe a stage box? Ore have you the same situation like my FOH M32 >stage box DL32 > X32 Monitor and as record.

I try also to download firmware 3865 after login on the site I get extra option like “software, firmware and drivers” I can download in Chrome without any problem, Internet exploder give me a problem it wil be like text file

Laszlo in the attachment you find al logs I rename the logs in the same way as the take number. The logs are from Saturday the “live gig” with all the problems. The logs of Sunday with the “test setup” where all went fine and from yesterday with your advice, and with the same drive

On Saturday I also see a folder take 007 with an error in Utool, in windows exploder I see it has no date stamp is this not also strange?

Soo yesterday I make some test on your advice in folder “Test advice from Laszlo Monday 250917” you find the logs
First I startup the system “16:19:47 013 reclog”, and wait a long time before record “014 Reclog” No drop outs so the sleep mode is not the issue.. Dam …

Then in log 015, 016 and 017 you see drop outs. .. Yes,
This when I nock the hard drive, when I nock on the table noting happens. I must hit it very hard for the dropouts I go on with less nocking the drive go’s on with recording and no drop outs any more. Soo that is different as Saturday, where I have a constant stream of dropouts …dam again. And get I a new hard drive 🙂 🙂

So I try again the sleep mode, by hit the table and start the record 018 noting happen. No drop outs and so on. So I don’t really understand wat is happing on Saturday but it is for sure it gives no trust in the system.
A friend of my use a SSD drive is this maybe better no mechanical parts?

Then for the 8 minutes stop play back in Utool I remember now we also discuss this “4 months 2 weeks ago #2713” in the topic: Utool V2.0 stops after 8min playback.

But in the last reply from “Digichtetan” he called this a bug in Utool,

Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for uploading the song. We figured out that the problem happens only in the “target editor” and not when creating the song.

The bug is that, only one multi-channel wave file is played back in the uTool target editor. We will soon have a fix for this problem.

Thanks again.

I still hope that Cymatic find a solution for this problem, because the mixer function is a big benefit for me.

So wat to do with the dropouts problem can I get better a SSD drive instate of a normal hard drive with mechanical parts and problem when there are vibrations

And I still hope on a solution for the 8 minutes playback problem in Utool…

Greetings Peter Visscher

Again sorry for my bad English I’m from Holland