Hello Laszlo

In uTool I see on take 007 an error, in exploder I notice no date on the folder time stamp…

(14:08:57) -> Started pre-recording
(14:21:36) -> Start Recording
(14:21:36) -> Renaming Directory from /MultiTrack/_TempTake0007 to /MultiTrack/Take0007
(14:21:37) -> Entered Recording State
(14:21:47) -> Error: No streaming message received for last 10 seconds!!!
(14:21:53) -> Button Stop pressed from uRemote: Stopping recording Now
(14:21:54) -> Exiting Recording State

See also attachment…

Do you ever experienced issue where you try to record from analog inputs using the console internal clock?[/i]

Yes a year ago some dropouts but this was with old firmware, and a discussible hard drive.
For the other time I didn’t notice any problem on this old drive, but I will check this drive extra well when I’m at home.

Which device is the master in your setup where you are using digital communication?

On The Live Gig Saturday this was the FOH mixer a Midas M32 firmware 3.07. The X32 has also Firmware 3.07 the DL32 we don’t know the firmware maybe 1.7

The situation was:

M32 FOH AES50 A >>> AES50 A- DL32 Stage box – AES50 B – <<<< X32 monitor AES50 A setup “Synchronization” on AES50 A, and have the Cymatic card for record.

The Gain was on the M32 FOH mixer, I use the trim function on the X32 monitor (blender).

At home the test situation (on Sunday and Monday) used to be an X32 rack for playback from Cymatic card thru the AES50 A. AES50 A outputs tab 1-8 set to card 1-8, and so on. The X32 Core is connect to the rack over AES50 A and is the Cymatic record device and use the same hard drive from Saturday.

Then I have connect also a X32 compact at the rack on the rack AES50 B and on the compact is the AES50 A used, his Cymatic card looks also at AES50 A and have also a drive for record (the old one). Both the core and compact set his “Synchronization” at AES50 A. I make this option to see if both records drives make the same record or dropouts if there was a problem… but as I mention there were no problem on Sunday.

The different in the live and test situation is there is no DL32 StageBox in this setup.

I’m afraid there is some synchronization problems in the setup from Saturday, I now that the Behringer StageBox S16 have a upgrade to version 2.2 because of connect problems. We don’t know witch version the DL32 has…. The last version for this device is Version 1.7 maybe Cymatic can ask this to the Midas develop team

From Behringer site
S16 Firmware Update[/b]

Version 2.2 (10 December 2014)

The firmware update 2.2 for S16 adds performance improvements and new features to the stagebox operating system. This new version improves synchronization to external clock masters (e.g. Madi or Dante networks) and communication when concurrently booting S16 and X32 series consoles. It also allows routing remote control from BEHRINGER X32 and MIDAS M32 series consoles for
TURBOSOUND iQ Speaker Series through the P16 ULTRANET output of your S16 stagebox.[/i]

What I can try this evening (week) is the X32 rack as play back to a S16 StageBox AES50 –A port then from S16 AES50- B send to the Core AES50 A as record device, “Synchronization” at AES50 A.

When there is still no problem I will ask my friend to make the same setup as last Saturday.
But this will be not can do in a couple of days maybe next two weeks

Ore this weekend (Saturday) a other friend of my is coming over for a gig and have also a M32 with a DL32, I ask him to connect my Core at his DL32 AES50 B Port and try to record and see wat happen

Greetings Peter
And again sorry for my bad English.