Hello Laszlo

I make the test with the Stage box S16 and I found some interesting problems.

The setup was from the x32 rack AES50 A >>> S16 AES50 A – S16 AES50 B >>> X32 core AES50 A.
The rack is the playback and the Record is on the Core.

Between the s16 and the core I use a cheap network cable without a neutrik connector, like the same we have on Saturday.

When I hit this cable I get sync problems, no drop outs in the log file. But I saw sometimes a error page on my IPad that I recognize from Saturday. Also in some log I found the same massage I have from Saturday like in take 42 “Error: No streaming message received for last 10 seconds!!!

But the most times a log message where about “Error: Card clock not in lock anymore” and no dropouts.. damm
Not all the errors page I get on my iPad, this was the same on Saturday, like now I have one or two message.

So now I’m very curios to make the same test with the DL32 because this runs on software version 1.7 and the S16 runs on version 2.2. I don’t know if there is any different but I’m for sure Behringer has update there S16 to V2.2 because of the connecting problems, see also my other reply

Next Saturday I have the possibility to test it with a DL32, I hope I get the same problems… Then we now what was happing and we have a solution so fingers crossed

When you will I can send you some videos and pictures.

Greetings Peter