Hello Laszlo

First (again) sorry for my bad English, I’m from Holland

I’m rely not happy because this weekend I have, for the first time also many drop outs and a lot off error massage / screens. I was on a live gig as monitor man, my x32 full was setup as monitor mixer and record source for 32 tracks.

It was connect to a Midas Dl32 port AES-50 B, on port AES-50 A was the foh mixer a Midas M32.
Al connection work fine, and there were no problems on both mixers. The monitor mixer get his clock from the foh mixer M32 > dl32 port a > dl32 port b > X32 port a.

When the first band start I start the record after while of a time I notice that Cymatic record time freeze and runs not synchro white the normal time. The seconds make some jumps or lost. Also I get the dropout message /numbers, first time I saw this. Many dropouts like 17 in one minute. So I stop the record and start again, this problem go on and on. I get also a couple of time a popup whit the text “no recognize error. “ I was too busy whit mixing so I dint writhe down the error number. After a 30 minutes I stop to try the records.

So at home I make a test setup and playback the record, also only dropouts and error massage the playback stop a serval off time’s

So I make a bigger test to check my hard drive, and other hard drives.
I make a setup, an X32 Rack as playback, an X32 compact as record, and an X32 core also as record and all 3 have a Cymatic card ? firmware 3865 record at 48 kHz the hard drives where long time before format with the Cymatic card.
The core has in this situation the card form x32 full (monitor desk). The rack is the master and his card is play back to AES-50 A and B port. The compact is connect on port A and get his clock from AES-50 A all home inputs is on port A and also the Card out looks at AES-50 A. The core have the same setup only on the rack AES-50 Port B and on the core all from A and send to card form port A.

The playback track have only 24 track, in the live situation ware this 32 track. But this is not the problem I believe, because the Cymatic card always record 32 track. Only now the 24 track have for the card no information on the last 8 track. On this moment I play back 24 tracks and record on the core and the compact on the same time. And there are no problems no dropouts or other problems. I make some record for like 20 minutes. Only other drive give me an error when I playback “song playback abort” I now we have discus this problem before but I don’t know the solution any more for this problem.

For now I get creasy and don’t understand why I don’t have any record problems on this moment its ferry frustration. Is this because I playback only 24 tracks so there is lase information to the card??

I don’t believe it is the type of my hard drives I used the same as yesterday and now runs and record fine.
So please can you explain what is wrong and what can I do about this problem. Because next weekend I will make a new record.

Greetings Peter Visscher,