Hello Laszlo

After the testing of yesterday, I test the playback in Utool V2.0.061. (Like Take 003) from Saturday 23-09-2017

And the first records are full whit dropouts, I also check the log files there is a complete list off drop outs, so that I heard that well 🙂

And when I playback a song after 8 minutes the playback stops! It looks like he can’t not find the next multitrack. In all the log file’s I found that the next track 2 create after 9 sec of starting the record? And track 3 after 15 minutes?

Also I found a couple of an error like “No streaming message received for last 10 sec”….

I also playback the test records (take 12) from yesterday Sunday 24-09-2017, and also it stop in Utool after 8 minutes…. When I look in this log file all is oke no dropouts or other message. And this is the same hard drive I used on Saturday….

I hope this can help you to found a solution.

In the Attachments you find the log file’s

Greetings peter Visscher.