Hi Peter,

Thank you for your feedback and also for the logs they are useful.
At the moment still not clear what’s happening but getting closer.
In your recording log I have seen some interesting thing.
In the first log you have set up the gig at 11:07:48 in this time the pre-recording started and the device was ready to record. You have started the recording at 15:03:29 (4 hours later), is just came in my mind probably your HDD went to sleep mode then when you started the recording the spin up took to much time for this reason continuous dropouts happened. (you can see the dropouts happening right after you start the recording)
But in the second log what you provided it is clearly noticeable there’s no dropout happened during the recording.
You have to think about it what was the difference between the two setup.
I can imagine the following things:
-4 hours idle time then the drive went to sleep mode
-Environment resonance (some drive are really sensitive for that in this case it puts the heads to parking position –> data transfer stops –> Dropouts happens) You can put some soft material below the drive to isolate
-Lose cable or something like that.

Do you have any other content on the drive?
Could you please try to make a recording on freshly formatted drive?

About the uTool 8 minutes playback. If you want to playback the entry recording you need to import to your computer, otherwise if you play back from the drive directly the uTool can read the first chunk of the recording which is around 8 minutes.