Hello Laszlo.

Thanks for your quick reply

The sleep mode I can understand, soon as I come home I will setup the same drive and wait a couple of hours to start the record.

I have none other content on the drive it was freshly format drive

The other option to lay the hard drive on soft material I have done this at the live gig. And also test it yesterday to knock on the table. On that (yesterday) moment I had no dropouts but I will test this also again…

The cabling was correct because after the dropouts I reconnect the drive on both site, and still I have dropouts…

Wat I have thinking, good it bee some problems with the clock source?

Tomorrow I will try to send you all logs from Saturday, Sunday and to day.

For now I don’t want to format the drive because yesterday in de testing mode al runs fine.
We keep in contact

Greetings Peter