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Axel Luedecke

Update about the “Mute” issue

It is totally unpredictable when and why the “no mute” in the song situation occurs. It runs OK for say 10 songs and then the next song has suddely no mutes at all. You can see this easily with uRemote on iPad whether mutes are active or not. It is clearly NOT an individual Song issue. If no mutes appear on the next song, you can then either start the song, stop the song right away and restart again (THEN the mutes are loaded correctly) or simply re-load the song.
We also changed Play mode (Continious, Single, Shuffle) with no change. Sometimes Mutes are on – sometimes not.

Another annoyance is the behaviour of iPad uRemote app.
Only Play, Stop, Fader and Mutes (in Mixer mode) do work. All others like Skip forward, Skip backword, Slide timeline and particular Cycle on/off/play etc, only work once a day- if lucky, but mostly are greyed out completely. They would be usefull but we cannot identify WHEN they are functioning.

But the unpredictability of the Mute situation is the most urgent case. Particular as we facing a gig in near future and don’t want to hear accidently lead vocals and drums also from PA from uTrack 🙂

I’ll upload the requested file and hope you can analyse them soonest

kind regards

uTrack 24 fw 3474
uRemote iPad vers. 1.2.038
uTool2 2.0.034